Monday, June 29, 2009

I've never been much of a fish-cooker. In fact, I'm not particularly good at cooking any kind of meat. I was a vegetarian for many of my formative culinary-skillz-learning years, so while I can whip up a lot of veggie dishes, I can also mess up a perfectly lovely steak like nobody's business.

It's time to start learning, though. Fish is tasty and light and full of protein, and it's kind of ridiculous that the full extent of my fishy knowledge is what kind of sushi I like to order. So I found this recipe for prosciutto-wrapped halibut that looked not only yummy (hello, pork fat!) but also pretty hard to mess up.

The asparagus puree was so not going to happen, though. By the time I got home from work and the gym, it was already eight, my tummy was growling, and I wasn't about to drag the food processor out of its hiding spot just for the vegetable portion of the evening. Instead, I sauteed my CSA's swiss chard with a little bit of garlic scape and some shallots. It was great - there really is a difference between super-fresh chard and the supermarket kind. It just tastes... I don't know. Green. In a really good way!

The empty spot on the plate was reserved for some maple-glazed turnips. Unfortunately, I only had one saute pan.... and I kind of timed everything wrong... thus, no picture of the turnips. (You're not missing much. Just visualize a bunch of white chunks covered in dark-brown syup and you've pretty much got it.) They were awesome, though, and they arrived on my plate after most of the fish and chard were gone, making for a sort of sweet, vegetable-based dessert.

Mmm... sweet vegetable-based dessert. Great, now I'm craving sweet potato pie. Thanks a lot, maple-glazed turnips!

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