Friday, July 3, 2009

This week's haul looked especially gorgeous laid out on Matt and Batya's kitchen counter, post share-divide. We got more kale, chard, crispy snow peas, gigantic cucumbers, radishes, the last of the garlic scapes and deep red cherries. Oh, and another kohlrabi! Actually, two this time, so we each get a whole one. I swear I'm actually going to cook something with it this time!

I'm still feeling lazy on my first day of stay-cation, so lunch today was simple: pumpernickel bread, spread with softened butter and topped with sliced radishes and sea salt. (The other little sandwich there is prosciutto and goat cheese... surprisingly not as tasty as the radish one!) I'm not sure if I'm digging the pumpernickel - I think next time, I'm gonna replace it with a baguette - but the radish/butter/salt combo made up for whatever the bread was lacking.

And meet today's breakfast: cherries. Served with cherries. Garnished with cherries. Why fiddle around with perfection?

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