Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18th is finally here! Matt and I left work at five, both exhausted and grumpy after a long and rainy day. By the time we got to the pickup spot, though, our bad moods gave way to ridiculous excitement... our veggies were here!

I'm too tired to start cooking tonight, so here are some glamour shots of my half of the haul. The crazy curlicue above is a garlic scape... I've never had one before, but a bit of research has suggested that they're delicious sliced up and sauteed in butter. I'm thinking bruschetta...

These are zephyr squash! They're pretty small - and my picture of them is pretty out of focus - they're about the size of one of my fingers. We got seven of these to split between us.

I loooove bok choy. Super excited about sauteeing this with some sliced pork and soy sauce. There are weird little holes in the leaves, but I'm kind of whatevs about it. Maybe some bugs were munching on it... who can blame them? I'd be munching on it, too.

Herbs! In a little pot of dirt! I'm not entirely sure which herbs they are. One of them smells like oregano.

These strawberries are out of control. So red and perfectly ripe and sweet and tart and delicious. I doubt that they will survive the evening.

This freaky, alien-looking vegetable is apparently kohlrabi. I have no idea what to do with it. I bet Google will know, though...

And finally, the greens. To your left, we have some kale... scallions in the middle... and a big bunch of lovely chard on the right. Since it seems boring to just chop 'em up and cook them up with some garlic, I think I'm gonna make a strata with some of the greens and some chicken sausage.

Oh man. I have to go. It's strawberry time!

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