Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday started out with a field trip to Woodside to have lunch with Jamey and his sister at Sripraphai. The food there was fantastic - just as spicy and complex and yummy as zillions of reviews have promised - but we probably couldn't have consumed more deep-fried, sugary or heavy food if we'd tried. (We just couldn't resist the crunchy, deep-fried watercress salad with tofu and mushrooms and cashews, though! Or at least, I certainly couldn't.)

After such a late (and calorie-tastic!) meal, a lighter dinner was in order. I'd previously Googled "garlic scapes," trying to figure out what to do with them, and came across an article in the Times that suggested blending them into a simple white bean dip.

And so, I did. I had a can of white beans in my cabinet that weren't getting any younger, so I put them into the blender with both scapes, a big splash of olive oil and some salt. Thirty seconds later, my hummus was born! Scooped up with some sliced (and decidedly non-CSA) bell peppers, it was a tasty and healthy dinner.

It might not have been the best thing to eat before going out dancing, though. Unless my dancing partners were really into garlic breath. Next time, I'd just use one scape to one can of beans. Those suckers are strong!

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