Sunday, June 21, 2009

I know that some people will disagree with me, but I think that the reason we have Sunday mornings is so we can have brunch. Starting the last day of the weekend with a strangely-timed and inevitably indulgent meal sets the tone for the whole day. Some weekends, I crave complicated egg-y scrambles, fancy little mesclun salads and strong cocktails somewhere loud and busy and fun, but this weekend was all about comfort food, eaten at home in my jammies on the couch right next to Pickles the cat.

I still had some buttermilk from last week's strawberry cupcakes, and some blackberries from last week's trip to Fairway. Both were nearing the end of their useful lifespan in the fridge, and so they were more than happy to jump into a mixing bowl with some flour and egg and baking powder and become my breakfast.

Dinner was a bit more veggie-centric. I roasted a chicken breast with some of the mystery herbs from the CSA, sauteed the zephyr squash with a little bit of olive oil and butter and drizzled some honey over the world's tastiest caramelized brussels sprouts. A friend who's also in this CSA pointed out that the squash tasted kind of nutty, and she was right! It's really good - there's less mushy seedy stuff than in a regular summer squash, and there's a definite nuttiness to it.

Maybe the nuttiness is why I liked it so much. I can relate.

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