Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Whoo hoo! My officemate, his wife and I just got word that our applications for a spot in our local CSA were accepted, and that - starting in mid-June - we can look forward to lots of fresh, local fruits and veggies coming into our kitchens. We're all really psyched, and I can't wait for the deliveries to start coming!

Excitement aside, I know myself and my history of letting even the yummiest of produce linger, uneaten and abandoned, at the back of my fridge while I order takeout for the umpteenth time this week.... so a little bit of motivation is in order! And since I really dig reading food blogs, trying out new recipes and sharpening my amateur photography skillz, what better motivation than a blog?

So from June to November - and maybe beyond? - I'll be cooking up the contents of my CSA box and miscellaneous greenmarket additions and blogging about the results. Here's hoping that it's awesome...

Yay veggies! Yay locavores! Yay community supported agriculture!

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  1. I'm watching your food blog
    I so love food.