Monday, June 20, 2011

On a warm and sunny day last week, two zucchini sat side by side in my refrigerator complaining about me, their neglectful owner.

"What is wrong with this lady?" one zucchini said to the other one. "What, she can't think of a single thing she wants to do with us?"

"And she calls herself a food blogger," the other zucchini said, shaking his head.

Properly ashamed, I consulted the internet for advice. No, not advice on how to shut the zucchini up - though I probably should have looked into that - but advice on how to make a delicious pasta and zucchini dish. I knew I wanted something without tomato sauce, something more exciting than just "sauteed zucchini with olive oil on pasta," but also something I could make without running to the store. I really hate running to the store.

Mark Bittman to the rescue! This recipe from the New York Times' Diner's Journal was quick, easy and super duper delicious. It really couldn't be easier - while the spaghetti boils and the sliced zucchini fries up in a drizzle of olive oil, you whisk together two eggs and half a cup of grated cheese until it forms a thick, polenta-resembling paste. (Note: the paper of record recommends Parmigiano-Reggiano, but I used pecorino because it reminds me of spring.) Then when the pasta is done, you drain it, return it to the pan and add the egg-and-cheese mixture, stirring with vigor and purpose, until it turns into this luscious, creamy sauce that clings to every strand of pasta. Oh, and then you add an absolute ton of fresh pepper. And the cooked zucchini, of course.

Hello, gorgeous! If this doesn't shut those mean zucchini up, nothing will.

Check out these stuffed peppers, too. Ed made these!

It's a little early in the season for bell peppers, of course, so these bad boys are from the store... but those peas are from the farmer's market, which means that as soon as Ed pulled the peppers out of the oven, I pulled out my camera.

These were so good - warm and fresh, full of soft rice and savory ground beef and smothered in a sweet tomato sauce. What an awesome tease - now I can't wait til pepper season! Someone's gonna have to make these at least once a week in August.

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