Monday, June 21, 2010

Week two of this year's CSA pickup, and things are lookin' good!

This is Ed's quiche, which is technically Paula Deen's quiche, but seeing as how it was prepared by Ed and all... Imma call it Ed's quiche. This week, we got gorgeous swiss chard and spinach from the CSA. And what could improve on fresh, healthy leafy greens? Oh, right. Bacon, eggs, cream, cheese and a flaky pastry crust. Damn, Ed. Your spinach and chard quiche is aces. (And makes an awesome breakfast.)

But hey, my homemade ranch dressing is pretty great, too! Especially on this all-CSA salad (save for the farmer's market fava beans) with radishes, snow peas and romaine lettuce. Mayo, buttermilk, a bunch of young garlic, a squirt of mustard, salt and pepper and lots of parsley and basil = holy moly. I have to restrain myself from eating this dressing for breakfast. With a spoon.

And just in case anyone was concerned that my cardiovascular health was toooo good? Here's the sandwich component of tonight's salad and sandwich dinner: whole grain bread with melted Brie, prosciutto di Parma and fig jam.

Yeah. There are no words.


  1. That sandwich! That SANDWICH! Ok, so there's a great coffee shop near my work (Culture Espresso ) that sells "The Figgy" with "prosciutto di parma, Italian fig spread, arugula and Vermont goat cheese on ciabatta". I've heard amazing things about it and now seeing your sammich, that may have to be lunch tmw.

  2. Oy, it was too good! Arugula is probs a good idea though - as spectacular as the sandwich was, it was definitely too rich and sweet. Something a little bit greener and more peppery or herbal probably would have added some much-needed balance.