Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh hey! It's spring again!

When I was in college, I knew it was springtime when people started congregating in the main square to play guitar, skateboard, sketch, form impromptu soccer games, blow bubbles and flirt with each other. Now that I'm (allegedly) a grownup, I know it's springtime when I start getting really excited about reading Lucy's Greenmarket Report. Purple asparagus? Pea shoots?! Oh my god. I'm on my way.

This week has been pretty crazy, but I managed to make a couple of yummy veggie dishes. The first one was steamed asparagus with sauteed oyster and hen of the woods mushrooms and ramps, topped with two gorgeous Knoll Crest eggs, over easy. Let me tell you, it was as beautiful as it was delicious; the thick, orange yolk of the eggs oozing out to mix with the rich brown hue of the mushrooms and the bright green asparagus. Unfortunately, I had just gotten home from yoga and I scarfed it all down the moment it hit the plate. No time for photos. Sad face.

But hey, I did take pictures of this!

Hello, gorgeous! I got the idea for this dish - a spring cianfotta - from the Dishing Up Delights blog. My version subtracted the spearmint, subsituted regular garlic for green garlic and added radishes and a Meyer lemon vinaigrette. I made a big batch of cianfotta to bring to a GTFU dinner party that night, and it got great reviews!

What's GTFU, you ask? GTFU stands for Get The Fuck Up! And it's the official motto of a group of awesome Brooklyn-ite (and Manhattan-ite) ladies who I met via a Twitter tweet about forming a Weight Watchers gang. We've been going to WW meetings together, sending encouragement via email and tweets and throwing healthy dinner gatherings... and this new health kick will definitely mean good things for this blog, not to mention this blogger. The more veggies I eat, the happier I feel... and the less room there is for nachos.

So au revoir, parsnip soup with tons of butter and heavy cream... and bonjour, farmer's market! Good times!

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